Asset and succession planning

Our expert team can assist with putting systems in place for the protection of your assets during your lifetime, and for the passing on of your assets and wealth on your death.  This will provide a sound foundation for your personal and business endeavours and will give you a sense of security about the future of your assets.  We pride ourselves in developing strong, lasting relationships with our clients, and will take a thoughtful, careful approach to organising your affairs



It is important to have a Will in place for protecting your personal assets and to give you peace of mind about ensuring your family is looked after on your death.  Our team can work closely with you to find the solutions that best suit you and your family’s needs.

Enduring power of attorney

No matter your stage in life, we believe that that everyone should have enduring powers of attorney in place. Anyone of us could lose our capacity to make decisions at any time. Let us help you ensure that you have everything you need in place to manage your family and your property, if you are unable to make decisions yourself.


Estate Planning

Having mechanisms in place for protecting  during your lifetime, and passing on your assets and wealth, will give you peace of mind, and will provide a sound foundation for your business endeavours.

Estate Administration

Our team will provide clear, accurate advice to assist you during this difficult time.

It is our role to ensure that the wishes of your loved one are carried out, as set out in their Will.   Our team will help you take care of everything.  We will consult with you on all important decisions throughout the process and ensure that the estate is distributed correctly.

Occasionally disputes may arise when family or friends contest a Will. Our litigation and dispute resolution team is well positioned to take action should a dispute arise.