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Commercial lawyers could be essential resources for your businesses.

-Commercial lawyers help businesses protect their intellectual property, such as trademarks, patents, and copyrights. This can help businesses prevent others from using their intellectual property without permission and can provide a competitive advantage in the marketplace.– Businesses face a range of legal risks, including contract disputes, employment issues, regulatory compliance issues, and intellectual property disputes. […]

Merger and Acquisition

Due diligence and investigation process in an asset or share purchase. Due diligence will normally be carried out after the parties have signed a letter of intent and put confidentiality provisions in place. The due diligence process will then run concurrently with the negotiation of the principal agreements.

Remedies for Franchisee when Franchisor does not Perfrom

It is a characteristic of franchise agreements that they are top heavy on franchisee obligations and light on franchisor obligations. Having the ability to draft the franchise agreement enables franchisors to cast franchisor obligations in largely discretionary terms and, conversely, the franchisee’s role as a set of non-negotiable cast iron obligations. Many franchisees, when disaffected […]

Termination of Franchise Agreement- Franchisor

When acting for franchisors, I frequently find myself giving the advice to tread carefully when terminating a franchise agreement. Where there is a significant amount of value in the franchisee’s business, no franchisee is going to stand back and allow the termination to proceed without a fight. If there is any element of dispute around […]