Franchisee Rights in Ontario

This information is not exhaustive and does not constitute legal advice. Please consult a lawyer to obtain specific guidance for your situation. 1. Disclosure Rights: Franchisors are required to provide a prospective franchisee with a disclosure document containing pertinent information about the franchise at least 14 days before signing the franchise agreement or any other […]

Franchisees and Franchisors should take help from Franchise Lawyer.

A franchise lawyer plays a critical role in protecting the legal interests of franchise businesses and entrepreneurs and ensuring that they succeed within the law’s framework.Franchising involves complex legal issues and regulations requiring specialized knowledge and expertise. A franchise lawyer can guide compliance with laws and regulations and help structure franchise agreements that meet legal […]

Terminating Franchise Agreement-Franchisee

Usually, franchise agreements do not contain any right of termination by a franchisee, The ability to terminate is only a very limited one. Every situation is different, and great care needs to be taken not to act with haste and to consider all relevant facts. If the agreement can be successfully terminated, then there is […]

Exiting a Franchise Relationship

Failed franchisees are not what any franchisor wants, but franchises fail and things go wrong. When this occurs, it is commonly the franchisee who suffers the most because the rights of the parties fall back on what is in agreement and franchise agreements offer very little protection for franchisees. There are multiple reasons I have […]

Termination of Franchise Agreement- Franchisor

When acting for franchisors, I frequently find myself giving the advice to tread carefully when terminating a franchise agreement. Where there is a significant amount of value in the franchisee’s business, no franchisee is going to stand back and allow the termination to proceed without a fight. If there is any element of dispute around […]